Did I keep TESKILAT you waiting, my dear? I am ready to wait for you all my life. you’re so sweet. Thanks You are beautiful as always. Did you invite me to flirt with you? Actually, that’s a great idea. I think we should meet one day just to talk about your beauty.


We make it TESKILAT our habit And we will celebrate it in different ways every year. To be honest, beauty doesn’t catch my eye. You want me to keep flirting with you. welcome I don’t need a menu, I want fried chicken. Great choice, and you, Ms. One request. Yes, why did you call me here? Don’t rush. And enjoy tonight. At least give me a hint, why did you call me?

Called to speak for myself, dear. A lot has changed in three months, hasn’t it? When I think of Viennese age and Venus. Never thought we would be like this. But I dreamed about it as soon as I saw you. Real In training, in torture training, and every time I got mad at you I told you I love you. Is this how you express your love? I drew the hair of a girl I had a crush on in elementary school.

It is a one time event. In a country there was an angry prince. He met a beautiful girl and immediately fell in love with her. But the prince, who did not know how to express his love, began to misbehave with the girl. And no matter how badly the prince treated her, the girl never stopped smiling.

The prince, who did not know how to express his love, went to someone. And someone leaned on the prince’s ear and told him what to do. And the prince suddenly He fell to his knees. And looking at the surprised girl, he put his hand in his pocket. And from his pocket A small box was taken out. He asked looking into the girl’s eyes.

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