Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle Free

He gave this gun to this boy, Mr. He handed over the empty gun. Pure Urdu Eh…Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle … Calm down, okay, coach? Try to get some rest. Look now they are taking you to the headquarters… … when the helicopter arrives. You’ll tell me what you know there, okay? Got it sir. Have you ever seen this man before?

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

do you remember In terrorist ads, on the wanted list, in the field, anywhere? Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle I saw the dishonest commander for the first time. Isn’t this a group of forty people? Yes. Commander …I didn’t mean for that to happen, sir. If Okan had shot me, he would be alive now. I wish I were dead, Commander. Commander, this dishonor killed my brother, Commander.

I could not do anything sir. Nothing came of me, Commander. Eh…Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle …Who are you… … we all know very well bro. And believe me who is bloodless… …we will find out very soon. You rest, okay? Try to relax. thank you sir. Come on lion. Sword These people are walking. And they are running without slowing down. On the other hand, we will put Ihan Master on the helicopter .

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

But I have no intention of stopping. If these people enter Syria, Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle we will also enter. If they change direction, we will also change . Even if these people go to hell, we will follow them. To the hand that shot Mehmetik… …We will pursue it until it is overthrown! my friend? Which is your order Commander. Unless those who did this to Mehmetik go to hell

… No stopping, no sleeping, no eating… …no patience, no caution, no mercy! Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle Got it? Which is your order Commander. Did you hear (beep)? no regrets I am afraid of my mother bro. I’m afraid it will get to your heart. He neither speaks nor eats nor drinks. In the same way he looks at the door. You left me with this burden and went…

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

…you get the money bro. you will get Everyone is here. My Captain Kagan, Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle Brother Sam, Murat Commander. Thanks to all of them from Ankara. I said we don’t want revenge. What should I say brother? We got hurt, at least not them. But they won’t stop just because I say so, I know. They will not stop just because I said so. They will walk. In every vein of your legs…

…they will run until the lead is gone. Until the nose of his shoe is filled with blood… …they will walk until their nails fall off. They won’t last long, haha. To fill a simple flask. And eating canned tuna with cold rusk… Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle… a five-minute break, that’s it. Then they’ll go, Jim. Airplanes, helicopters, radios will work. After the UAV, they will work.

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

Do you know that if Satan escapes from their hands, brother? Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle He can not escape! They must be hidden. Rock with rock, tree with tree… … They shall be sand with sand, earth with earth. They will eventually find them. Here it is, brother, if Allah Almighty has a whip on earth… … it’s the same. They will find them, they will ride on them.

We said we don’t want revenge but they will draw the sword. You say storm, hurricane or lightning, huh? That er square bro. Be sure to check them out there! On this day, your account was viewed. Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle They cannot adapt to rural areas, mountains and slopes, they face difficulties. I’ll try, but do n’t be too quiet. Then I give the calculation on the other side.

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

ok ok So, what’s the problem? Where do I start? Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle For example, start with your daughter. If you love your God, don’t start. It’s okay, don’t worry. You get a bouquet of flowers, you said two nice words, okay. It is not very important. Look, let me tell you something. If you want, I will also do this work with great pleasure. In other words, to criticize only in the context of political and administrative processes…

… inevitably evolves into a new totalitarian process. Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle This is what Adorno suggested. If you take criticism out of the context of art, aesthetics and thought … you will get no results. For example, people remember, what was Marx saying? Everything becomes a solid vapor. how does? Consider the data that capitalism has made public.

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

The priest and the king. That is, the priesthood and the soldiers. Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle They strip them of their uniforms … And they make it a simple part of the production process. Priests become menial labourers, soldiers become menial wage earners. Guys, if you want, how did socialist schools see this issue next week? …What kind of adversary they have presented,

we will investigate them. Is it possible? – Well, sir, thank you. -have nice day. How sad. So if I don’t hear from you, I don’t know. So, the Kagan captain is so unquestionably… … They put it in front of the door, huh? Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle – Is that what they did? Sir you said. How sad. did i say Real Hanam, you said. They also took our man… … simply because they took off his uniform,

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

and also because they did it for a modest wage. O Kabele, what are you saying, what did I say to whom ? Yes Seriously, you just told your students here. They also threw the priest away. What I don’t understand…Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle … What is the relationship between the teacher of the mosque and Kagan Bozuk ? Kabali, what kind of man are you? What a man you really are, I can’t believe you.

So if Marcus heard you say that, he would turn over in his grave. Look at these moves. Did your mother give birth to you in an opium field? Let’s use that car. Where is that too? Why can’t I access it? well…Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle Know one thing. What have I said? Take good care of yourself, Sergeant. God help you. Jay Sir Let’s leave it to Allah two brothers.

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

what are we doing sir Let’s go in that direction, Sergeant Major. Let’s see how the birds fly there. Got it sir. Oh! I’m sorry, but my sight is gone. Is it too much of God’s punishment? If you want some rest. Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle Meanwhile we also eat. Relax guys, sit down. What did you do, is there a match? No sir. None of them appear to be terrorists in the relay.

Okay fine. Lieutenant, I know you have trouble concentrating. But the identity of the person is very decisive in the operation. Take a break, get some rest, and continue again, okay? Jay Sir Commander, that’s it! are you sure I’m sure sir, he’s a terrorist on the relay.Allah Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle- What happened, who is running? Dada, you don’t know the world yet.

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

Dad, Erin is walking, don’t you see? Come on, son, come on. Take another step. O Lord, thank you. Oh my coach! Khadijah. Thanks be to Allah, my Lord! What will happen if we go to the Turan brothers? They won’t. Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle They immediately get up to work. it’s fine. Damn, let’s relax even if Murat lieutenant rents the house. I swear another door will open for us .

and what? My son, to… should we eat kokorek or something? I have such high cholesterol… …He wants naughty things like that, I guess. –.Member. – Phew – Frying I love it. – Thunder – God – Do not bend the lamb. -Okay, let’s eat roast lamb, that’s enough. Right now, I’ll bury the Komodo dragon myself. Komodo Ejdiri? -Okay, so we’re not going home, huh?

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

– Get out. No komodo dragons at home, bro. My bloody, living, walking… I’m leaving, you go home. Let the Komodo dragon go home. son i never seen man do we have money -there is not? -There is? -there is not? – Well, no. – We come from the mountain. – Phew Leave. Let’s go in son. Look, we do the dishes, I don’t know, we clean, we carry something.

We’ll kill the boys if we have to , but let’s go inside now. — Mr. Gallip. -Thanks. of that… …I left you alive in this relay, soldier. Do you remember this favor of mine? Cook the ashes… whatever you do to me… … I don’t talk. I have a suggestion for you. Every day they put you in a cell… Pray to die. If you see the sun live one more day…

Savasci Warrior Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitle

… There are many people who will wait to bury you in the ground. Pure Urdu Pure Urdu I have seen a lot of conflict. But we are different from you. I saw the private field of conflict, to ambush you. I saw your brave side, you bitch. I have seen many conflicts, I have seen many wars. What does war mean? Human life, blood, flying bullets. Buzzing shrapnel, exploding mines, mortars, rockets.


Amputated limbs. Unstoppable Bleeding. And jumping off the body… …everything that comes out. everything! But… …in my years of combat experience… …I only got sick to my stomach twice, I wanted to throw up. This is a. This is what you ate (beep)! 33 unarmed, innocent privates were shot. They were unarmed.

They were unarmed! Neither rifles nor pistols… …no sliders, no nail clippers. Not a single shot hit them! But 50 bullets came out of each body . 50 bullets! …50 rounds counted. When it comes to campaigns, the account is dead. If the calculus is not finished, the open wound will continue to bleed. Every drop of blood of every hero.


One day he will be asked who gave it away! sooner or later… These guys, your son’s account… It brings a wick from a man’s nose. If I were like a normal person in front of you. …I swear everything I know is sacred… …I will cut off your head right here. But I stand before you like Colonel Copoz. And I am different from you. Because I am human. Colonel… …You cannot draw any conclusions from such

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