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The Texas Attorney General ( English : Texas Attorney General ) is the attorney general of the US state of Texas . The current incumbent, Republican Ken Paxton , has held the position ever since January 5, 2015. The department has offices in the William P. Clements State Office Building in downtown Austin , the state capital.

History Attorney General

The attorney general’s office was first established by executive order of the government of the Republic of Texas in 1836. Attorneys general of the Republic of Texas and the first four attorneys general under the 1845 state Constitution are appointed by the governor. The office was made elective in 1850 by a constitutional amendment.

The Attorney General is elected to a four-year term. In 2013, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that he would not seek re-election and would run for governor . In the November 2014, was elected governor of Texas.

To succeed him, Ken Paxton defeated Dan Branch, elected to the Texas House of Representatives from 2003 to 2015, in the Republican primary by a margin of 26%. He is easily elected in the November election as the 50th Attorney General of Texas (there is a historic dispute as to whether he was the 50th or 51st Attorney General). Paxton swore January 5, 2015in the Senate Chamber of the Texas Capitol.

Governor Rick Perry , Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst , United States Senator Ted Cruz and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Dan Patrick (in) attend the swearing-in ceremony.

History of Advocates General

LeftAttorneys General
1Volney Howard1846Democratic
2John W. Harris1846–1849Democratic
3Henry Percy Brewster1849-1850Democratic
4Andrew Jackson Hamilton1850Democratic
5Ebenezer Allen1850–1852Democratic
6Thomas J. Jennings1852–1856Democratic
7James Willie1856–1858Democratic
8Malcolm D. Graham1858–1860Democratic
9George M. Flournoy1860–1862Democratic
10Nathan G. Shelley1862–1864Democratic
11Benjamin E. Tarver1864–1865Democratic
12William alexander1865–1866unionist
13William M. Walton1866–1867Democratic
14Ezekiel B. Turner1867–1870unionist
15William alexander1870–1874Republican
16George W. Clark1874–1876Democratic
17Hannibal Boone1876–1878Democratic
18George mccormick1878-1880Democratic
19James H. McLeary1880-1882Democratic
20John D. Templeton1882–1886Democratic
21Jim hogg1886–1890Democratic
22Charles A. Culberson1890–1894Democratic
23Martin Mcnulty gru1894–1898Democratic
24Thomas Slater Smith1898-1901Democratic
25Charles K. Belli1901-1904Democratic
26Robert V. Davidson1904–1910Democratic
27Gioiello P. Lightfoot1910–1912Democratic
28James D. Walthall1912–1913Democratic
29BF Looney1913-1919Democratic
30Calvin Maples Cureton1919–1921Democratic
31Walter Angus Keeling1921–1925Democratic
32And Lunatico1925–1927Democratic
33Claude pollard1927–1929Democratic
34Robert L. Bobbitt1929–1931Democratic
35James allred1931–1935Democratic
36William McCraw1935–1939Democratic
37Gerald Mann1939-1944Democratic
38Grover sellers1944-1947Democratic
39Price Daniel1947-1953Democratic
40John Ben Shepherd1953–1957Democratic
41Will Wilson1957-1963Democratic
42Car Car1963–1967Democratic
43Crawford Martin1967–1972Democratic
44John Hill1973-1979Democratic
45Mark White1979-1983Democratic
46Jim Mattox1983–1991Democratic
47And Morales1991–1999Democratic
48John cornyn1999-2002Republican
49Greg Abbott2002–2015Republican
50Ken paxtonDal 2015Republican

Attorney vs Lawyer

The lawyer who prosecutes a colleague with numerous lawsuits which later turned out to be unfounded violates the duty of correctness and connection.

A lawyer files a complaint against a colleague complaining that he has been the victim of unfounded criminal and disciplinary complaints for years , all referring to the civil disputes that see his client opposed to the lawyer, for issues connected to the use of condominium spaces in the building by both inhabited. The District Disciplinary Council imposes on the professional the sanction of suspension from the practice of the activity for 6 months .

The lawyer appeals to the National Forensic Council which, with the sentence of 13 May 2022, n. 57 (text at the bottom) , confirms the sanction imposed given that the lawyer has violated the duty to behave with loyalty and correctness towards colleagues (pursuant to articles 19 and 38 of the Code of ethics ). In fact, the conduct of a lawyer who prosecutes a colleague with a series of unfounded complaints violates the duty of fairness and connection.

A lawyer was subjected to disciplinary proceedings for having presented numerous complaints-lawsuits – which later proved to be unfounded – against a colleague for crimes of various kinds. The latter filed a complaint complaining that she had been the victim for years of unfounded criminal and disciplinary complaints , all referring to the civil disputes that saw her assisted opposing the accused, for issues connected to the use of condominium spaces in the building by both inhabited. In particular, the lawyer subjected to disciplinary proceedings:

  • had filed a completely unfounded complaint for trespassing and unlawful interference in private life against the Colleague, who, as was ascertained, had limited herself to standing on the landing belonging to the condominium, without affecting the privacy of the accused ; the proceeding was archived by the GIP;
  • he had filed a complaint in which he accused the Colleague of having unduly produced images of his private life in a civil trial; this proceeding was also archived by the GIP as the photographs relating to the state of the places had been produced in the possession proceedings only for the purpose of demonstrating the validity of the claim;
  • had filed a complaint accusing the Colleague of having removed the gate on the landing on the first floor of the house, also in this case the file was filed .

Furthermore, the lawyer was accused in a criminal proceeding for defamation against the Colleague because in the presence of several people she uttered offensive words against her, harming her honor and decorum.

The District Disciplinary Council recognized the disciplinary responsibility of the lawyer and imposed the sanction of suspension from the exercise of the profession for six months.

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